День благодарения открытки


To:Teacher Xiuru
Thank you for your teaching over the years. I didn’t expect to graduate in the twinkling of an eye. I feel that there are still many things I haven’t done. If it weren’t for the impact of the epidemic, our class could have a few more days together. After graduation, everyone should go their own way. It should be difficult to meet again. But I hope that in the future, there will be not only meetings, but also scheduled meetings. I sincerely thank you for your meticulous teaching over the years. We sometimes make mistakes, But you will also tolerate us. The most clearly remembered sentence should be [you make mistakes for 3 minutes and I have to deal with them for 3 hours]. If I have the opportunity, I will go to see you.

I wish you good health and happiness every day.
From Xingyu.